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BAABS Blast Light Subassembly

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The BAABS Blast Light is designed to be mounted onto the front of a BAABS rail to illuminate surfaces to be blasted. This accessory improves visibility in dark or dusty conditions, promoting more thorough blasting and improved productivity.  Mounting the light onto the BAABS rails enables the illumination pattern to track the blast pattern. When installed next to the nozzle holder, the BAABS rail base keeps the blast hose, nozzle, and blast light aligned. In addition, the swivel feature of the rail allows the blast light to remain fixed by negating the naturally occurring blast hose twist that often causes tie-wrapped lights and deadman to shift during blasting. Sacrificial quick tear-off lenses assure optimum illumination during blasting.



L = 4.5" x W = 2.5"  H = 3.5"

Weight = 13.3 oz


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