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Blast Helmets

Bullard AC1000 Cool Tube

The Bullard AC1000 Cold Air Tube Assembly cools compressed breathing air coming into respirators by as much as 30 ̊F(17 ̊C). The AC1000 Cold Air Tube helps maximize worker comfort and increase productivity in hot climates.

The AC1000 Cold Air Tube Assembly is fitted with an airflow regulator that allows the user to adjust the outgoing air temperature to suit their requirements. 

The AC1000 Cold Air Tube is constructed of metal which is extremely robust and ideal for the rigors of the workplace. Accessories includes leather heatshield and assorted belt.

Bullard GenVX Respirator

The Bullard GenVX is your number one choice of economy abrasive blasting helmet which meets safety standards worldwide including Australia, Europe and USA. Bullard has called on years of experience in the abrasive blasting industry to design this lightweight, robust helmet.  Bullard is a market leader in a competitive world.

The GenVX incorporates features that has Lightest, Coolest, Comfortable and Dependable to reduce fatigue and downtime, increase productivity and minimize the need to replace parts.

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Bullard Lite VX

Working in low-light conditions or working in containment area surrounded by airborne dust makes blasting job even harder!

Bullard LiteVX is the solution. Bullard offers an easily mountable hand-free lighting solution onto GenVX helmets. 

Work area will be illuminated  with high intensity white LED and get on with the blasting task.



Lightweight design (3.9 ounces /110grams)

High Intensity White LED light with high-impact ABS body

Three (3) power setting : 40 lumens, 110 lumens or 210 lumens

AAA battery powered unit

Industrial stength adhesive backed mount

Gloves friendly power button

No wires or heavy battery packs required

Bullard 41 Series Airline Filter


The Bullard 41 AIRLINE FILTER can be customized to meet individual breathing requirements, whether it be Grade D, AS1715, EN12021, or ISO8573.1 Class 1, 2 3.
Bullard 41 Series Airline Filters can be used in conjuction with other compressor with aftercoolers safeguards to supply cleaner air to airline respirators. 41 Airline Filter may also be used to supply drier, cleaner air to tools, pneumatic system to reduce downtime and repair cost.
41 Airline Filter consist of seven (7) layers Filtration media effectively trap water, oil, particulated, odors and organic vapors. 
1) Water is removed by condensation of air in outer cylinder
2) Carded cotton removes particulates
3) Activated alumina absorbs oil and moisture
4) Activated charcoal removes odors and moisture
5) Felt material removes particulates
6) Carded cotton removes particulates
7) Respiratory felt at final stage act as a final filter before air is transferred to worker/s or air driven tools.

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Bullard Blast Gloves

Bullard Blast Gloves

Bullard's Heavy Duty Blast Gloves are designed for tough blasting environments. It is feactures-rich comfortable and long lasting.


  • Blast Gloves focused on light dexterity and durability. 

Bullard Blasting Suit

Blasting Suit

Bullard's new Heavy Duty Blast Suit and knee pads are designed for tough blasting environment and to those professional blasters who take pride in their work. It is feature-rich, comfortable and long lasting.


  • Heavy Duty Blast Suit with robust parallel seams and extra reinforcement
  • Knee pads made extra wide and flexible with easy insertion into blast suit.

Bullard COHP Monitor

Continuous Monitoring Carbon Monoxide (CO)

This compact, durable unit connects easily to any compressed breathing air source. The monitor is factory set to sound a 93dB alarm when CO level exceeds 10ppm, OSHA limit. Monitors are also available with a CO alarm set point of 5ppm to meet CSA and certain international requirements. External operation light show GREEN for Normal and RED for alarm for easy visual monitoring. An alarm jack to allow connection to remote alarm devices is standard. Monitors operate on 9 bolts battery or 110 Volt AC power. Back up battery power supply capability is standard on all units.


Audible / Visual Remote Alarms

Bullard alarms units have been designed to provide a remote alarm capability for the Clean Air Box line of filtration system. Their function is to duplicate local alarms found on the Clean Air Box and to signal workers in a remote location that there is an alarm condition with the system. These alarms act as a valuable early warning device for an isloated worker/s allowing a safe egress from hazardous work environment.


Auto - Calibration


Bullard's Clean Air Box utilizes auto calibration - one of Bullard most valued features.

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