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Blast & Recovery Systems

Blast and Recovery Systems (BRS) are designed for use when open-air blasting is prohibited, when it is not possible or is impractical. These systems blast and recover spent abrasive, contaminants and dust at the same time. They can also be used to blast and then vacuum abrasive independently. While BRS will never replace open-air blasting for all applications or jobs because of their lower overall productivity, there are those jobs that are ideally suited for these systems.

When the jobsite is sensitive to dust and contaminants, or when open-air blasting is prohibited, is simply not possible or isn't practical, the Schmidt® Blast and Recovery Systems provide the solution.   


The miniBRS™ system is a compact and easily maneuverable abrasive blaster that blasts and recovers spent abrasive,
contaminants and dust in the same step, eliminating the need for containment. It can also blast or vacuum separately for
increased versatility. Unlike other systems on the market, the miniBRS has an ergonomic design, a lightweight yet durable
blast head, and smaller diameter, lighter weight hoses that are sized to match the system. The new blast/vacuum head
features a 40% larger blast pattern, an ultra-comfortable trigger-style deadman control that allows one-handed start/stop
and the ability to blast high-temperature surfaces, using an optional adapter/brush. Blast and recover at up to 200 feet away
from the unit. It can operate on just a 185 cfm compressor.

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The unit that started it all. The standard for blast and recovery systems in the industry.

Available for Rent


A heavy duty, portable system designed for contractor use. Higher productivity than our standard BRS, with heavy duty, high capacity components for blasting, vacuuming and dust collection.

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