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AmphiBlast™ Lite

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The AmphiBlast Lite 3.5 is the newest addition to the Schmidt® AmphiBlast family of versatile and productive, wet/dry abrasive blasting systems. It includes all of the same innovative and easy to use features, packaged in a smaller, more mobile system. This “lite” system offers nimble yet heavyweight performance for all of your abrasive blasting needs.

Operation of the AmphiBlast Lite is simple. Set the desired blast pressure using the blast pressure control regulator. Choose to blast dry or wet by pushing or pulling a button on the control panel. During wet abrasive blasting, simply dial the water pressure regulator to the desired flow rate represented by the water over air differential pressure gauge reading. This streamlines the control of the blast pressure and the control of the amount of water injected into the airstream while blasting. You have precise control of the air, grit, and water flow to lock in optimal blasting performance with efficient grit and water consumption. Once optimal flow parameters are set, switching between normal blasting settings and lower air pressure for Softwash™ and blow off is consistent, fast, and easy.

The AmphiBlast Lite requires connection to an external water source and compressed air.



Vessel size: 3.5 cu. ft.
Water Tank: 15 gallons


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