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Subcompact BAABS w/ Electric G3 Deadman

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Subcompact BAABS (Blasting Accessories and Assist Bracket System) is a smaller version of our Compact BAABS and can be used in more confined blasting spaces. With this design, the blaster can keep the nozzle close to the body, allowing them to fit into the tighter blasting spaces.

Available in electric or pneumatic.

Where can Subcompact BAABS be used?

• The Subcompact BAABS is a shorter version of the Compact BAABS.  Ideal for extremely tight areas
• Ideal for cervices blasting and knook and cranies.  One hand on the G3 Trigger Deadman and the other hand on the hose or nozzle holder to control the position of the blast to reach crevices and tight spaces.



Subcompact BAABS rail L=4.875” x W=3.03” x H=3.47” Weight = .62 lbs.

Subcompact BAABS package L=10.34” x W=6.88” x H=13.58” Weight = 2.30 lbs.



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