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Abrasive Blasters (Small Pots)

Schmidt® portable abrasive blasting systems are the workhorses of the abrasive airblast industry. These blasters are designed to provide the industry's lowest pressure drop - less than 1.5 psi and in some cases less than 1 psi - compared to as much as 10-14 psi in other systems on the market. It is important to note that for every drop of 1 psi at the nozzle, there is a corresponding loss of 1.5% in productivity. When you choose a Schmidt pot, you're already starting out ahead. 

Schmidt small pots provide more value for contractors and industrial users, especially with expensive media and abrasive airblast labor that is harder to find.

Blaster Packages

Schmidt® brand blasters come in three levels of packages - A, B or C, for added convenience. All packages start with the portable blaster with 150 psi (10.3 bar) rated vessel with 90° cone bottom, pneumatic remote controls, MV 3® abrasive metering valve, ComboValve®, VBS II™ volumetric blowdown system, 55' twinline control hose and G2™ deadman.

Package A
Blaster (as described above) + moisture separator.

Package B
Package A + 50' blast hose assembly and nozzle.

Package C
Package B + NIOSH-approved, type CE respirator with 50' air supply hose kit and airline filter. 

0.9 cu ft

This miniBlaster is a pressure hold system. The blast pot retains pressure when the deadman control is released, minimizing abrasive loss with start-up and shut-down and providing faster response. Thompson® Valve II controls.

1.5 cu ft

Portable blaster with wheels. MV 3®/ComboValve® abrasive metering valve and controls.

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3.5 cu ft

This popular system features the fine abrasive metering capabilities of the MV 3®/ComboValve® controls, VBS II™ blowdown suppression for safe and quieter blowdown and one of the lowest pressure drops in the industry for added productivity.  

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6.5 cu ft

The 6.5 cu. ft. blaster is a popular sized system for contractors and industrial/blast room applications. It is available with the fine abrasive metering capabilities of the MV 3®/ComboValve® controls or the advanced metering and control abilities of the Thompson® Valve II. A wide range of available options make this system fully customizable for any blasting operation.    

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10 and 20 cu ft

These Schmidt® blasting systems in 10 and 20 cu. ft. sizes are designed to meet contractor needs for larger projects or are common in industrial/blast room applications. Smaller than a bulk tank yet larger than the standard 6-bag pot, they can easily accommodate multiple outlets for increased productivity. 

The 10 cu. ft. system is available in either MV 3®/ComboValve® configuration or as a pressure-hold system using the Thompson® Valve II controls. The 20 cu. ft. system is a pressure-hold system only. 

A wide range of options is available for these blasters to customize them specifically for your blasting operation. 

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