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Bullard COHP Monitor

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Continuous Monitoring Carbon Monoxide (CO)

This compact, durable unit connects easily to any compressed breathing air source. The monitor is factory set to sound a 93dB alarm when CO level exceeds 10ppm, OSHA limit. Monitors are also available with a CO alarm set point of 5ppm to meet CSA and certain international requirements. External operation light show GREEN for Normal and RED for alarm for easy visual monitoring. An alarm jack to allow connection to remote alarm devices is standard. Monitors operate on 9 bolts battery or 110 Volt AC power. Back up battery power supply capability is standard on all units.


Audible / Visual Remote Alarms

Bullard alarms units have been designed to provide a remote alarm capability for the Clean Air Box line of filtration system. Their function is to duplicate local alarms found on the Clean Air Box and to signal workers in a remote location that there is an alarm condition with the system. These alarms act as a valuable early warning device for an isloated worker/s allowing a safe egress from hazardous work environment.


Auto - Calibration


Bullard's Clean Air Box utilizes auto calibration - one of Bullard most valued features.



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